How to Start Your Puppy Off Right

Getting a new puppy is such a thrilling experience! The cuteness, the clumsiness – it’s all so exciting! However, it’s important to remember that the first few weeks with your [...]


An Interview with a Veterinarian: Dog Health Questions Answered

There are so many questions that come up for us dog owners and, as we all know, sometimes Google just isn’t the most reliable source. That’s why we’ve reached out to Colin [...]


10 Free Apps that Every Dog Owner Needs to Download

These days there’s an app for pretty much everything. Sleeping, eating, you name it and you can download an app to help you with it! But what about our furry friends? Don’t they need [...]


Potty Training Your Puppy: Do’s and Dont’s

Oh, potty training. Such a necessary evil. We’ve all gotta do it, whether we like it or not. So let’s do it right the first time, shall we? Full housebreaking typically takes 4-6 [...]


The 25 Best Quotes About Dogs

Oh, dog lovers. We’re can be so sappy sometimes, can’t we? We basically live and breathe dogs. Follow dog accounts on Instagram? Check! Have watched Marley and Me at least 5 times? [...]


How to Get Your Dog to Stop Barking

We all know how it goes. You leave your dog at home for a couple hours and come back to complaints from your neighbors about excessive barking. Or, the delivery guy rings the doorbell and your [...]


Dog-Approved People Food

Every dog owner knows how it goes. You sit down for a nice meal with the family and you end up with your pup begging to feast away on scraps beneath the table. Sure, sometimes it’s irritating but [...]


5 Best Vitamins and Supplements for Dogs

Take one step inside a pet store and you’ll see a huge variety of vitamins and supplements marketed to better your dog’s health. But how do you choose? Lucky for you, we’ve made it easy. Below [...]


10 Best Small Dog Breeds for First-Time Dog Owners

Congrats! You’ve made an important decision – to own your first dog! Looks like you’ve decided to get a small dog too. Great choice! Small dogs tend be less expensive (less food, don’t outgrow [...]


Which Vegetables Are Good for Dogs?

We’ve been told since we were young to “eat your vegetables!” and although it’s debatable whether or not we have achieved this as adults, dog owners often wonder whether they should be feeding [...]

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