10 Free Apps that Every Dog Owner Needs to Download

Jenna Matisz

These days there’s an app for pretty much everything. Sleeping, eating, you name it and you can download an app to help you with it!

But what about our furry friends? Don’t they need some app love too?

Well you’re in luck because we’ve narrowed down the top 10 FREE apps that every dog owner needs to download. These hidden gems will help you with all things dog, from training to travelling. Check ’em out!

1. iClicker

Clicker training is used for teaching tricks, solving behavior problems, and improving obedience in dogs. The iClicker app can be used just like a regular clicker but with the added benefit of always being at your fingertips! It has volume control and sounds exactly like a real clicker.

An added bonus? The app comes loaded with videos that explain how to use the iClicker for various training purposes like house training, “leave it”, and separation anxiety.

2. MapMyDogWalk

This app from Under Armour is the dog-owner’s version of the popular app MapMyRun. It uses the GPS in your phone to track your dog walk metrics (including distance, calories burned, heart rate, pace, and speed) so that you and your pup can get fit at the same time! After you’ve used the app, you can review your walk history and route data and share it with your friends and family. Now your dog won’t be the only one pumped for W-A-L-Ks!

3. BringFido

This app created by a popular pet travel website allows you to get the lowdown on all of the pet-friendly spots in your area and wherever you may be travelling. Use the app’s filters to sort through pet-friendly hotels, restaurants, beaches, and parks around you. You can even narrow it down to browse places that allow multiple pets or don’t charge pet fees. Can’t go wrong with that!

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4. Dog Buddy Free

This must-have app is basically a diary for your dog. You can track his/her weight, milestones, medications, vaccinations, allergies, vet visits, and basically anything and everything you would ever need to know about your dog.
The best part? You don’t need to remember any of it yourself! Next time you’re at the vet, just pull up the app and you’ll have all of your dog’s health information at your fingertips.


This free app is vital if you live in an area where natural disasters are common. It allows you to store your dog’s medical records and access guides on what to do for your pet before, during, and after a natural disaster without needing internet connection. In the unfortunate event that your dog gets lost, the app also provides step-by-step instructions for finding him/her. Be safe and download it – you’ll thank yourself later!

6. P5 Dog Training

The P5 Dog Training app is perfect for dog owners with a competitive spirit or dog owners who have just gotten a new puppy. You can create a profile and fitness/training goals for your dog and then track his/her progress in areas like tricks, agility, strength, and obedience. For each goal mastered, your pup is awarded ‘greatness points’ and can reach new levels on the app, which can provide some extra motivation for you to keep up with his/her training. On top of all that, the app provides guides for training so you have all the information you need right in front of you.

7. Walk for a Dog

This feel-good app tracks and maps your walks and donates to a local animal organization of your choice. Exercise for you and your dog plus a donation to a good cause? What’s not to love!?

8. Yelp

A classic. Although Yelp is typically used to find restaurants and events in your area, it can also be used to find the perfect dog spots! Search for dog-friendly parks, pet stores, and walking trails and read hundreds of reviews on their prices, location, and activities. Take a look – you might just discover some hidden gems in your neighborhood!

9. Spending on my Dog

This handy app helps you keep all your dog-related purchases in one place. After all, we all know how expensive having a dog can be! Track your spending on treats, medications, vet visits, insurance, grooming and more and this app will produce a spreadsheet organizing all of your spending so you can pull it up whenever you need it.

10. askPETMD

PetMD is a well-known website with endless articles and resources on all things pet-health related. With their app, you have access to all of this content plus the opportunity to ask questions about your dog’s health and receive a free vet qualified answer within 24 hours. A great resource!

And there you have it!

I hope you found a couple apps that can help improve your and your dog’s lifestyle and if you have any other apps to share, leave them in the comments below. I’d love to learn about them!

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